His assistant manager could not make that decision. Koch has no interest in respecting anyone with regard for societies best interest whatsoever and offers me nothing but hell ride. This information allows us to send you a personalized search report of your results once the search is completed. Why in the world would Target send baby registry gifts to the people who registered rather than sending them to the person who placed the order. If this report is not submitted to the proper coordinators, I will proceed further. People behind me started backing up and as I looked around there were NO other checkout lights on except self serve. Susan What has happened to the customer service in all your Adelaide stores. target today to explain why a will no longer be making any purchases at any target store or on line. Koch is incapable of processing information at an adult level and apparently does not understand consideration for others and mutual respect in all actuality. Know one seems to want to calculator the total of my purchase to make sure it was refunded correctly and the way I did it states I wasn’t. She couldn’t even locate me by the order number. Our service accesses more than 50+ popular dating networks and mobile applications, allowing you to find any dating profiles of your partner.

Since it was over 20 days and I did not get the correct item. The only check stand lights that were on were self check out (I don’t make you do my work when you are at my place of business, not sure why you think I want to do your work when I am spending my money in your store). She said ” oh too bad” then walked off. I was at San Mateo CA branch of Target at around 10am today 11/27/2013 going to buy an iphone 5C with 2 year activation plan as i saw on your online site. There was no explanation for the cancellation, therefore I drove to Target, went to Customer Service and spoke with (2) separate representatives to get the situation resolved. While I always used my AMEX, OR VISA credit cards I am no longer confident that my info was or wasn’t hacked so I decided to stop shopping at your stores. You are not accommodating any real need of any real people – you are rather cowing to a manufactured complaint by a “movement” of people who are absolutely obnoxious. He canceled my originaly order and reordered everything for me. Once the clerk verified the ad himself, the manager had her call loss prevention, Sean. Calling the 800 Target number was an exercise in futility as the recording constantly returned the main menu The Target chat person, Bill, was about as helpful as a 2 year old. We either get our accounts hacked, or we have to put up with perverts and criminals in the restrooms. She should have at least got a manager involved.

11:10am passed by and no word as to where is this guy. I asked is that something that is honored. the store if they messed up needs to take the blame not cover it’s tracks and screw over the customer..
. I have not shopped at Target since your “credit cards were hacked” over one year ago. I needed more games and found them at a lower price but the service I received I refused to buy …so I went and Tristan again helped me out. I had to keep a diligent watch on my credit card statement to insure no fraudulent purchases were made. Again, there will be no label to return and the whole thing will start all over again. With all the drama of late for target I do believe its quite bold to have your cashiers asking or offering that option. The receipt that I printed indicated the items would be ready for pick-up by 11/30/17 at the store selected. Then I had the most wonderful check out person. I was supposed to receive the new TV (That actually works)the week of 12/3, and when I called on 12/5…… 68minutes later , I was told the replacement order was never submitted. .


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